Gardens are home to vandalism, parties and alcohol-fuelled raves

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Visiting Ayscoughfee Gardens in Spalding with my parents early on Saturday morning we were extremely disappointed to see that mindless and ignorant vandals had seen fit to throw several of the memorial benches around and to stand several on end on the bowling green.

We tend to walk through the gardens on most Saturdays on our way into town and vandalism is a regular occurrence, including the pulling up of plants, alcohol-fuelled raves and parties in the gardens at night resulting in cans, bottles and rubbish being strewn about and the throwing of the table from the cafe into the pond.

I have asked South Holland District Council on several occasions to consider improving security and/or having a permanent caretaker on site since access would appear to be just as simple even when the gates are locked.

Ayscoughfee Hall and gardens is one of the few public facilities in the town and more thought should be given to how it is used and abused by a minority.

I have Auristic Spectrum Disorder and found the whole scene on Saturday extremely distressing.

Michael Shepherd

Meadowgate Lane