FUNDRAISING: Anniversary of start of WW2 is 1939 by the way

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After reading Andrew MacDonald’s response to my letter I feel I ought to reply.

I wrote about the current ongoing crusade of asking people via high-cost production television adverts to donate a given sum each month to a cause that at times beggar’s belief.

This led me to say a Save Our Spalding campaign might not be out of place..

Nowhere in the context of my letter did I quote any of the causes – Oxfam, Help the Heroes, Save the Children etc – as he outlines, as in fact I mentioned no charities or causes at all.

I agree with him that saving a four-footed animal should not come before a child.

Recently somebody pointed out that if they donate their one-off £5 donation and an estimated 32,000-plus others did the same, it might just pay the salary of the chief executive of a household name cause and gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘charity’.

However, recent events seem to have overtaken my idea as now the prospects of a replacement event for the Flower Parade is floundering as yes, you guessed, it’s a case of money being required cited.

But how this world famous event was axed in the first place is questionable and I believe not enough avenues were tried but that is my personal opinion.

Then another aspect is the knee jerk reaction to having the Spalding War Memorial being cleaned up as its dawned on somebody that this is the 100th anniversary of the Great War not to mention other conflicts since.

But I find it disgraceful that it should be allowed to get in this state anyway and is an insult to those who fell and their surviving relatives.

But once again, money is cited as being wanted yet again but if anybody is planning a clean up, count me in as it’s the least one can do for those who never came back.

A tip for the future and it comes free with no consultants or similar fresh air sellers involved, the anniversary of the start of the Second World War will be in 2039.

So using the medium of getting folk to shell out via an ad on the box to get money for our own local causes are perhaps not so far off the truth.

John Ward