Former player disgusted at ‘behind closed doors’ plans

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I write as a former player and a regular supporter of Spalding United Football Club.

I am disgusted at the way the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field is being discussed and planned behind ‘closed doors’. Surely the people of Spalding should be given the chance to voice an opinion on what is rightfully theirs.

I played in the position of goalkeeper for Spalding United Football Club 47 years ago, and unfortunately several of my teammates at that time have now passed on.

I have supported the club to present day and seen many changes. Also two other members of my family have been active within the team.

It is time there was an open meeting for any member of the public who wishes to attend and perhaps we may even see some of the parents of the 180 young players of Spalding Junior Football Club because they certainly do not grace the gate at Spalding United’s home games and the young players do not support their mother club by attendance.

When there is a home game on a Saturday there is plenty for wives and girlfriends to do if they do not want to watch the match. Do you think they want to stand on a ground near a busy windswept A16 open to all the elements? I don’t think so.

Why can’t things be left as they are? Moving to a new ground will not alter Spalding United’s form, because for the last six years its position in the football pyramid has declined under the present chairmanship.


Euston Avenue