Forgotten road

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I have lived on Fulney Drove for about 16 years. It used to be quite a pleasant place to live until the dreaded bypass. I know for a lot of people it is a short cut and since they have banned HGV lorries (well we still get a few) our house does not rattle so much, but the noise from the traffic and the speed some of them do is horrendous. I cannot have windows open at night, sitting watching TV you can still hear the traffic. One morning from 6am to 6.10am I counted 32 vehicles, another from 7.20am to 7.30am I counted 86 and the noise was like woosh-woosh all the time.

Fulney drove seems to be the forgotten road. The weight restriction starts at Mill Drove and the road has just been resurfaced, also Broadgate, but not Fulney Drove.

The road is falling into the dykes, they did put cones at the side of the road but the grass cutter came along and chewed them up. There should be signs at Winecatch Corner and a speed limit along this road.

In the winter we get quite a few accidents.

I don’t know what the noise is like living near wind turbines but I don’t think it can be as bad as living on Fulney Drove.

There are six properties near each other, some of the people go to work but we are retired and don’t get out much.

What we would like to know is when something is going to be done about Fulney Drove.