Footfall will suffer from two-hour parking limit

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I read the comments on the car parking at Holland Market and it is true that the two-hour limit exists.

But I would like to remind the retailers at Holland Market that its their shops that will suffer from lack of footfall.

We have kept away from the supermarket during the work going on and have revisited the new store and found it to be lacking in design and layout.

The increased noise from all the exposed plant in the ceiling void makes any sound mix with the others already present. I also felt stressed by the rush to do the shopping within a set timespan.

I have known my partner to be there for over two hours, partly due to the change in layout and the need to find small items in the most illogical location.

I don’t feel we will use the store in future, but instead shop out of town. This will also cause problems for other shops as their footfall will suffer.

Whoever thought this idea up was thinking out of the box – what the box contained is anybody’s guess. But it sure wasn’t the full Alan Sugar. I’m afraid you’re fired.

This is Spalding not the West End of London. Time to reconsider, I think.

I also suggest they get the departments with the stores more clearly marked and thus prevent the endless trolling around trying to find (1) a staff member who knows or (2) the right aisle.

I feel this is a right of redress against a ticket issued. I suggest they spend some money publishing a map within your newspaper on a full page spread. Then when we travel over ten miles to shop there, we will know where the goods are and adjust our shopping list accordingly.

I forgot, we are in a recession. Perhaps they need to buy a dictionary and look it up. In these hard times, what the Dickens are they playing at?

Terry Chappell-Seal

Gedney Hill

l Editor’s note: The two-hour parking limit only applies to Sainbury’s spaces. Elsewhere at Holland Market it is three.