FOOTBRIDGE: They all passed the buck after my icy fall

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Just after 8am on Wednesday, I was walking into town to do some shopping. When I was on top of the footbridge between Parkside Crescent and Kings Road, I saw ice had formed. Even though I was carefully going down the Sainsbury’s side of the bridge I slipped and fell. I landed on my bottom and forearms, causing quite a bit of pain and getting dirt on my clothing.

I walked straight to the railway station thinking that it would be a good idea to get something done about this. Wrong.

There were two people in the ticket office. I explained to one of them what had happened and suggested that it would be a good idea to put some grit or salt on the bridge to prevent further mishaps.

I pointed out that elderly people use that bridge and if one of them fell, it could end in a fatality.

The man offered to give me a phone number in order that I may ring it. I explained that I did not have a phone on me. He then informed me that the person controlling the Eight Gates crossing would know what to do and I should go there to report the incident.

I walked there and the gentleman inside was very concerned about my wellbeing but just gave me a premium rate phone number (08457 114141) to contact.

Is it just me, or do employees of companies just not take any responsibility for what happens involving their premises or grounds? Is there a Network Rail policy advising staff to do nothing?

UPDATE: I had a phone call from Network Rail at 10:30am: “Although we own the footbridge, it is the council that has to do anything like gritting it to keep it safe.”

I contacted South Holland District Council: “It’s Lincolnshire County Council’s responsibility.”

I rang 01522 782070 and spoke to Kim: “We will not do it unless it is on our priority list and that footbridge will not be on the list.”

I pointed out that many elderly people live nearby and use the footbridge to get to Sainsbury’s and other nearby stores. Further, that it would look bad for Lincs County Council if one of them falls and dies on the bridge because it had not been sorted after they had been notified of the problem.

Nothing, rien, zilch, zip, nada, nichts, not doing anything was the gist of her reply.

Nigel Wickenden

Smithdale Close