FOOTBALL FIELD: Was new ground just pie in the sky thinking?

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I feel I am entitled to reply to Bill Johnson, who wrote in to say he did not understand my views expressed in the Lincolnshire Free Press.

I clearly stated that the points I raised were on behalf of a group of Spalding United Football Club supporters and that their prefered choice would be to stay at the central location of the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field rather than be forced out of town and become isolated if the current site became a central park.

I don’t recall the developers Corbo offering the football club a state of the art facility as part of the Winfrey Avenue redevelopment project – no plans were ever laid open to the public for viewing.

Perhaps this was wishful thinking if a big supermarket chain came along and were able to build on part of the football site, or was it all just pie in the sky? But just think about it, if it was a given gift, I don’t think any club would refuse a multi-million pound all singing and dancing stadium to take them into infinity and beyond.

Most likely this was pure speculation after it was reported that the football club had purchased some land on the outskirts of town as an alternative for future development.

Mr Johnson asks in his letter: “Where is Rodney Sadd’s open green space?” I have no problem with the established Ayscoughfee Gardens that offer a wide range of facilities

and I have never seen this lovely place full and overflowing with people. As an alternative there is the green area all along the River Welland for the public to enjoy walks and relax on the benches provided.

With more housing planned for our area I think the modern day developers do consider the need for green area’s and people moving into a new build would expect this to be incorporated into any future housing development for the benefit of a growing local community.

So this is only my opinion, if it’s green open space that people want, you only have to look around for the several options that are currently available. We are all entitled to our views and opinions. I do respect Mr Johnson’s as I am sure he would mine.

Rodney Sadd