FOOTBALL: Conditions at our game unnaceptable

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I attended the Spalding United home game against Harbourough Town on Saturday – before the kick-off I was informed of a problem with the floodlights that had occured on the Thursday evening during a training session.

I understand the council were informed of the situation, but did not act on the information received from the football club.

The situation was still apparant on the Saturday

before the home fixture and the club called again.

The electricians who came did their best, but the floodlights were only producing two thirds of the power needed to

light up the playing surface for the football match that was taking place.

As a match day volunteer I found the whole situation very embarassing for the club, but most of all I cannot believe the poor service that is being provided by South Holland District Council.

The lights were the most important issue, but the grass had not been cut, the pitch had not been attended to and the leaves on the pitch looked like a forest on an autumn day.

The game did go the distance, but the general conditions were very poor for all concerned on the day.

The match day organizers are doing their best, but we do need the support of the local council to maintain the basic standards that supporters expect on a match day at their local football club.

Rodney Sadd

Carrington Road