Foodbanks represent a failing society

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In response to Is a foodbank need where you live? (Lincolnshire Free Press, August 13): In a fairer society this need wouldn’t exist.

This is the 21st century and this question is an indictment of a failed capitalist system. Currently, politicians have no problem taking money from the unemployed, disabled and disadvantaged while allowing tax breaks to the rich,greedy and the righteous.

This is because they can identify with such as them on so many levels, and, like them, share a sense of false entitlement.

Another popular notion politicians appear to favour, is that rich individuals and institutions, cannot function on these shores without special treatment.

Who else but this same class of politicians have the arrogance to strut the world stage doling out nearly £1bn a month of borrowed money for foreign aid that hard pressed taxpayers must repay?

What other country has a ‘charity industry’ with most paying six-figure salaries to top staff while barely 17p out of every £1 raised meets core costs.

These are the hypocrites exploiting tax breaks on one hand, and on the other, shaking a collecting tin at poor people.

Low wages and high taxes have taken their toll on the living standards of workers locally, mainly because of the increased availability of foreign workers from the wider EU.

A situation readily exploited by local employers and greedy landlords.

The overall effect means it will be harder than ever for our youngsters to get proper paid employment, let alone a fair wage.

In my opinion, foodbanks, represent a failing society. Poverty is violence. Poverty is terrorism.

In my view it must be fought. ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need’ (Karl Marx 1875) is a good starting point.

We have all but lost the national solidarity and pride that once united and preserved this nation.

This can be restored by the restoration of a fairer society based on social justice and equality.

Education is the key; we must provide the highest possible standards for all, not just to a select few.

Thatcherism...Blairism... call it what you will, has failed.

If you want to argue otherwise then consider one example where a socialist society has put its peoples first by providing first class education and health care. Look at Cuba. Here, a small island has bravely resisted the illegal embargo imposed by the USA; the infamous Helms-Burton act of congress 1996.

The world’s ‘bully’, the USA, is no place to be poor.

There you will find plenty of foodbanks/soup kitchens because they have some 46.1 million people living in poverty. (see DeNavas-Walt USCB 2011)

The motto of that country is ‘In God We Trust’.

It should be ‘Brother can you spare me a dime?’

We need to finally reject this flawed and corrupt capitalist system that, so far, brings universal war and misery, devalues democracy, squanders natural resources and wreaks havoc on the world’s fragile environment.

Or we could just carry on as normal pretending that all we need is a few kind folks to provide a foodbank here and there.

David Turp