FLY TIPPING: What on earth did district council expect?

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I have just read the article “Fly swat sweeps into South Holland” in the South Holland Now (district council) journal (in itself a complete waste of money).

Icannot believe you have the audacity to complain about the fly-tipping when you have cut the hours for opening times of the local rubbish dump. What on earth did you expect to happen?

I wrote to the county council and they laid responsibility firmly at your doors.

One doesn’t have to be Gipsy Rose Lee to predict that the more you cut the opening times of the rubbish dump,the more fly-tipping will take place.

You say it has already cost you £55,821. Well it will get a lot more than that if you don’t reverse this ill thought out decision.

I suggest you return the opening times to the previous arrangement and that Roger Gambba-Jones is removed from post. He clearly isn’t fit for purpose and seems intent on competing with the council’s traffic management department for total incompetence.

Adrian Nind