FLOWER PARADE:People came from miles

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We had coffee with a biker and his wife on the same table in a local church hall, who pointed out they always came at this time of the year and were from Preston.

Later we met a family of four who had planned part of their holiday to be present like they have done for years – they came from Dorset.

The common factor between these unlikely people was they were in Spalding for the annual Spalding Flower Parade.

News that next year’s will be the last one is very disappointing as although having only moved to this area in the last few years, Spalding has always had a certain mystique because of the reputation of it’s annual Flower Parade.

I read in the Guardian that one suggestion was to have static floral floats, plus yet another food festival (yawn) as if we are not already knee deep in them now and there does not seem to be much in local stuff to promote unless I am missing the point as the Red Lion fiasco could not fill its food hall with enough local produce.

But if this idea was adopted, can you imagine the folk I opened this up with coming all the way to see static flower displays and glorified strings of trendy bamboo shoot sausages?

It’s the local heritage and I think its a shame to just let It go as unlike the Red Lion fiasco, this event gives a lot of pleasure to thousands and actually brings money and people who know how to spend that money in the town.

For over 50 years, this event has brought pleasure to many thousands both young and old, so did they all get it wrong?

Perhaps a realistic rethink on its structure and possibly re-vamped future might be in order by getting the town’s people and interested groups more involved.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End