FLOODING: Thank heavens for our drainage boards

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As the flooding continues to make people’s lives a misery in so many parts of our country I wonder if South Holland residents realise just how their feet for the most part are being kept dry?

Yesterday, as a member of South Holland Internal Drainage Board, we held our February meeting and winter inspection.

Our weather has become very unpredictable of late – just looking at the rainfall statistics for 2013 revealed that in October we had double the recorded average for that month.

The increasing operational pressure on all drainage boards is at times considerable along with more and more tightening of available funds. This said they still remain diligent and totally committed to the job in hand which is a credit to their staff on the ground and management.

So when we look at the terrible scenes on our TV screens it just may be worth a little thought that so far South Holland has been kept relatively dry and this is not by chance.

It is down to the extremely hard work put in by our drainage boards.

I sincerely hope that the correct level of funding is provided to enable their work to continue and our feet kept dry.

Coun David Wilkinson

Long Sutton ward