Flagrant disregard for water conservation beggars belief

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Following hard on the heels of the recent drought warnings from Anglian Water, pleas for frugality and notice of an impending hosepipe ban, I received through my letterbox a communication from them advising me that they are soon to start flushing the water mains in my neighbourhood, working overnight.

Not only am I being restricted in my use of water, but my esteemed monopoly supplier intends to waste considerable quantities of this valuable resource by letting it run away into the public drainage system, which it will presumably process using money which I and other customers like me, have paid via our water services bills?

Add to this the premium cost of paying people to carry out the work while we are hopefully fast asleep, and I can see very clearly where Anglian Water’s priorities lie, and I do not believe that is with the paying customer.

Such flagrant disregard for water conservation in the face of what they describe as difficult times really does beggar belief.

Geoff Patterson

via email

l Update: Just had another letter from AW advising that they are deferring this ‘non urgent maintenance work’ due to the severity of the drought!