FIREWORKS: So annoyed with how little we saw

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Myself, my husband and our four-year-old son attended the Springfields Live Action Firework Theatre ‘Spectacular’.

I would like to express how hugely disappointed we were. First of all though, I’ll compliment the actual fireworks because they were fantastic.

However, we attended this event because the live action element sounded different and exciting. I wonder if it was? I couldn’t tell you, because we couldn’t see any of it.

How ridiculous that unless you were in the very front row then you had no chance of seeing the small TV screens or the stunt performers.

I am tall at 5’10 but I couldn’t see a thing, so how on earth was my four-year-old supposed to see?

I caught a couple of glimpses of Batman and Robin when they came to the front, but still don’t know what they were doing. Once my son realised it was Batman he was desperate to see more, but even being carried and lifted up he couldn’t see much.

I understand that the stunt performers probably didn’t go up on to the towers because of the rain, but the TV screens needed to be much larger or higher up, and the live action on the ground needed to take place on a raised stage area.

So annoyed with how little we saw... what a let down.

I imagine 90 per cent of the people how attended are saying the same thing.

Nikki Edmunds

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