FIREWORK DISPLAY: We couldn’t see and felt let down

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I writing to inform you about my experience at the Springfields fireworks display on Friday evening.

I attended with my girlfriend, my brother, his partner and my sister, her husband and two kids Lola (2) and Lacey (two months).

Prior to buying tickets I called Springfields to ask if we had to pay for Lacey, seeing as she was only two months old – we were told we did and she was still a child and were charged £5, which I find appalling for a baby who was asleep in a pram throughout the time were were there.

As for the event itself I have spoken to a number of people who agree with me, even people who were actually on the front row and still could not see a thing.

There were two apparently big screens which were sat on the floor so could not be seen by anybody but the front row of people.Then there were parts acted out on a stage – again I saw none of this as it couldn’t be seen by anybody but the front row.

Then the fireworks which were very good to be fair. Then it was back to the acting out part again, when we all decided to leave as as we could not see any of it again. When we got to the end of the precinct at Springfields the fireworks again started. It just reinforced to me the fact I had wasted £55 between the eight of us as we had a better view there for free.

I just wanted to let people know how let down we felt by it all – we were all looking forward to it so much.

Daniel Sharman