Figures were passed without any of the councillors comprehending them

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I am one of the people referred to in the report concerning alleged time wasting at a recent Moulton Parish Council meeting.

Whilst attending such meetings over the past two years I have identified several mistakes in the figures being submitted for payment by the clerk and I have used the public forum, which usually lasts less than ten minutes, to point out miscalculations so that they can be corrected prior to the council authorising payment, at which time the public are not permitted to speak.

At the meeting on February 7 figures relating to the clerk’s final salary were given which included the recovery of an overpayment of £216 that he had made to himself in 2007-08.

As the figures did not make sense to me I asked if they could be explained.

At this point two councillors also admitted that the figures did not make sense to them either, whilst the remainder stayed silent.

Councillors Hahn and Winn then accused me and other members of the public of wasting time and being abusive.

Surely councillors should exercise due diligence when making decisions regarding the spending of public money and questions from the public over such spending are proper and permissible.

They should not be interpreted as a form of abuse nor time wasting in order to avoid giving answers.

No explanation was offered and later in the meeting these figures were passed for payment, apparently with none of the councillors comprehending them.


Roman Bank

Moulton Seas End