FATAL CRASH: So many are still not driving safely

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I am writing to try and talk to all your readers regarding road safety on the Norfolk/Lincolnshire roads.

As you probably know, my girls died in a fatal crash on December 27.

Since this crash our lives have been turned upside down and every time my fiancee and I get in a car it is with dread and fear.

What I have noticed more and more though is the amount of drivers that are not following road safety.

The amount of cars I have seen lately with front lights that are not working is shocking.

Surely they can afford a new bulb that costs as little as a few pounds?

I have also noticed lots of drivers still using mobile phones whilst driving, I have even seen a driver reading a map on his steering wheel whilst driving as well.

If they have gone through what we have gone through then they may drive more carefully and not use mobile phones, etc and pay more attention on the road ahead.

Sooner or later there will be another fatal accident and some other family will have the grief and despair that we are having to come to terms with every day.

Allan Portor

via email