Fantastic opportunity for Spalding people

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I am writing in support of the proposed movement of The Sir Halley Stewart field. The move brings a number of benefits to Spalding including jobs and the redevelopment of a part of the town that is grossly under-utilised – but the key benefit I see is the opportunity to develop a facility for the children.

The proposed movement of the field will give our children the opportunity to have a facility that is safe, available to all and open all year round. The facility will have two full-size football pitches, four junior pitches and a full size all-weather pitch as well as indoor recreational facilities – something that will benefit thousands of people over the coming years.

Spalding has the opportunity of creating a sporting facility that we could be proud of and would be used by the masses rather than the few as it currently is.

The Sir Halley Stewart Field is being relocated and brilliantly enhanced and gives us all fantastic opportunity for the town and the children of Spalding.

Andy Coaten

Spalding Athletic

Junior Football

Club chairman