FAMOUS RESIDENT: Poet hides his light under a bushel

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I was pleased to see the report about Benjamin Zephaniah in last week’s paper. It seems so modest in description of him. I think he tends to hide his light under a bushel.

However he really is a world famous poet and is Professor of Poetry at Brunel University.

I’ve heard him described as “a national treasure” because of the work he has done in schools and elsewhere in projecting such a positive image for young black people and giving them a voice in poetry.

His poetry for children is now enjoyed in most primary schools in Britain and it is a joy: very funny and highly readable. His writing for older children and adults is deeply significant

He’s often invited to join in literary festivals around the world and has a very busy life especially in working with students at Brunel. So I think it is great Spalding has such a famous and well-regarded neighbour. Hats off to him!

Robbie Britton

Millfield Road