FAMILY TREE: Trying to find my Pinchbeck connections

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I started my family tree ten months ago with details of my granddad Charles Burton, born 1892 in Hope, Derbyshire.

His father, my great granddad, was George Burton, born 1851 in Pinchbeck. One of his brothers Charles, also born in Pinchbeck in 1855, went to Clowne, Derbyshire.

George’s brothers and sisters stayed: John 1858; Emma (1), born 1850, died 1852; Hannah 1856; Caroline 1854; Thomas 1862; Emma (2) 1860.

Their father, my great great granddad, Seth Burton, born 1826 in Wisbech 1841 census, married Mary Ann 1851 census moved to Pinchbeck.

His brothers and sisters are Robert 1831, Mary 1831, John 1831, Emelia 1837, Charles 1835, William 1843.

Their father Robert Burton, born 1801, my great great great granddad, married Hannah.

I would like to find out what happened to the brothers and sisters of Seth and most of all try and find out if Robert had any brothers and sisters.

If you can have information please get in touch.

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