Family history: Do you know my ancestors?

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My family is researching our Cook(e) ancestors who emigrated from England to Virginia or Barbados between 1640 and 1660. Our earliest known Cook(e) ancestor is Abraham Cooke who, according to extant records, was born about 1660, possibly in Barbados to John and Mary (Hill) Cooke. We know quite a bit about Abraham Cooke’s life going forward from his birth but due to loss of records in America we have not been able to locate his parents or his lineage from England.

However, with the result of a commercial ancestral DNA test and the help of EnglishOrigenes we believe that Abraham’s ancestors came from that area of England in known as the Fens, near to the Gat Channel. We know that a high concentration of “Abraham Cookes” resided in this area. EnglishOrigenes found many likely locations for this family in the Peterborough/Gedney vicinity.

To confirm that our Cookes were originally from this part of England we are seeking male Cook or Cooke volunteers, preferably farmers who live in the Fens, to take a commercial ancestral DNA test (we will supply the test kits). The kit involves a simple cheek-swab from inside the mouth.

The DNA test is solely for ancestral research purposes. The DNA test looks at the male-only Y-Chromosome.

If our US Cooks/Cookes match a Cook/Cooke male recruited from the Fens, we will have confirmed beyond a doubt that our Cook/Cooke line originates from this location.

You can see the Cook/Cooke DNA Study Project at:

Look for kit #7221 in Lineage 2, R1b. You can also request the EnglishOrigenes Cooke-DNA Case Study report by contacting me by email at

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