Exciting and beneficial

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How refreshing to read of a company that wants to redevelop part of our town and bring in major high street retailers.

The proposed redevelopment of Holland Market, however, does come at a cost – ie the loss of the Sir Halley Stewart Playing Field, the home of Spalding United Football Club for 90 years.

But they have welcomed, in principle, the opportunity to move into a purpose-built football and community-based complex on the edge of town which would be part of the redevelopment.

Before the start of the season United and Spalding Junior FC agreed a partnership. The opportunity for them now to be able to operate side by side at a multi-pitch complex would mean the junior club’s 180 young players, who currently operate at three different venues, could be together.

The prospect of also being able to accommodate women’s and disabled teams is an additional bonus.

The report also said Spalding United pay a peppercorn rent to South Holland District Council to use the Sir Halley Stewart Field. I can assure everyone, the club pays the going rate. And by putting up and taking down the goalnets they save the council money as they do not have to pay a member of their workforce to do the job.

In conclusion I see the re-development exciting and totally beneficial to Spalding and the surrounding area.

Ray Tucker

Life member

Spalding United FC