Every little noise helps drive me to distraction

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The last three Sunday evenings I have not been able to watch my TV because of the refit at Tesco store in Holbeach.

Every time the crane moved to lift whatever was being moved, my TV lost signal.

The noise went on after midnight, then there are Tesco’s deliveries from 3am-5am.

In the late evening and early morning cars and vans park in Tesco car park next to Boston Road car park under the trees.

I should be able to have my windows open when I like. I have spoken to the Tesco store manager about my grievance and ask him why they did not close like Sainsburys in Spalding.

The reply was that the feedback from the customer was that (they) did not want the store closed.

I understand that refit work has to be carried out but when encroachment is being made on people’s private lives that is different.

I was here in my home before Tesco came to Holbeach. I have spoken to South Holland District Council about this and had no joy.

Rob coleman

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