Eurovision at the Red Lion next year?

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I read the item about the Red Lion being up for an award in the Spalding Guardian twice before it sunk in it was for real.

What made me wonder is if the entry is under false pretences as I note it’s in the regeneration section that – quote – “turning a derelict brown field site into a dynamic mixed use area”, but whatever that might mean in Spaldernese I have no idea.

Correct me here but I seem to recall before it was knocked down, it was a row of old buildings and shops and nowt like a “brownfield site”.

While elements are now at work to possibly give the impression that the Red Lion has something good going for it, just imagine if Unclebert Humperdink wins the Eurovison Song Wotnot shortly, we could hold next year’s event within the Red Lion.

I can see it now: all the bright lights, Ant & Duck presenting the event live from the Red Lion with the world’s press and telly crews clamouring to see all the elements that make this the epicentre of excellence...

Another thought is now the said Red Lion is now (allegedly) part of Boston College, would one assume that Spalding College is now based in Cleethorpes?

John Ward