EUROPE: Getting elected is beginning

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Now we know what the next European Parliament will look like, we can begin to see whether East Midlands MEPs will join the fight against extreme poverty beyond Europe’s borders, as well as addressing pressing needs here at home.

Regardless of political stripes, one thing we can all agree on is that ending extreme poverty is the right thing to do. EU Aid makes a huge difference. Since 2004 it has given more than 13m children an education, vaccinated 18m against malaria and given 70m people access to clean water. We’ve halved extreme poverty since 1990 and can finish the job by 2030.

As our voice in Brussels, East Midlands MEPs must shout loudly in support of more investment in global health, education and the fight against corruption. They can make ending extreme poverty a priority issue for the next European Parliament. If they seize this golden opportunity, they can change the world for good.

Diane Sheard

UK Director

The ONE Campaign