EU: Why did we join up?

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I read John Dexter’s letter in December 18’s Free Press and I agree with his statement regarding World War Two – it was actually us British who won it, with the help of America and Canada and other Commonwealth countries.

Also I blame a lot of UK businesses for a big influx of Eastern Europeans because they just seem interested in cheap labour and that is why our labour market is collapsing, and it leads to lots of other problems.

They forget it was the British people doing these jobs and running this country.

I also believe this country is getting skint because of our pointless membership of the European Union, which costs us £360billion-a-year – and look what we are getting in return?

Regarding Spalding town centre – well it used to be a good town a long time ago, but now it’s a hell hole and also, what puzzles me is, they say this country is in debt but why don’t they somehow explain how it is in debt, because I have my doubts. I think it was a mistake when we joined Europe and I think we should cancel our membership with Europe before it is too late. Finally, they say Eastern Europe is booming now – and that’s thanks to the UK taxpayer and the UK government.

Lee Spruce

Alexandra Road