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I notice that Lincolnshire highways has commenced its annual onslaught of the flora and fauna to be found in the many miles of roadside verges throughout the county. There are twice as many miles of grass verge as there is highway tarmac.

Why is it that farmers are encouraged to establish and leave untouched areas of natural plant and wildlife for the enrichment of flora and fauna while the local authority can destroy a very large area over a period of a few days?

In fact some farmers are paid by the public purse to look after nature and indeed can be fined heavily for not doing so.

I do not have a problem with verge areas around road junctions being cleared for safety reasons but there can be no justification for the many long straight sections to be totally obliterated.

Especially when the road surfaces are in the state they are and we are constantly told there is a lack of financial resource to do the job properly.

I agree with previous comments by residents that the current repairs resemble plasticine repairs by children. This is probably unfair on children. The modelling done by children is only as good as the material and the experience and training of the child involved.

Just the same is true of our county highways, until management face up to providing good and correct materials to properly trained workers with the experience and enthusiasm to carry out work to suitable criteria we will continue to have a sub standard finish to all the potholes.

There are many examples of repairs carried out that do not last for days, let alone weeks and months.

In fact many stretches of well used road in the very south of the county in the rural areas have not seen a pot hole gang least of all be repaired. It just seems sufficient to provide an advisory speed limit of 20mph and leave it at that. This to me seems like an admission of guilt just the same as farmers are advised not to put mud signs out for fear of confessing to the problem. Does the local authority not have a robust duty of care just the same as any organisation?

So I challenge our county councillors and highway managers to come forward and explain or defend the way in which public money is being spent on the county’s roads.

Please justify the wholesale damage to natural habitat and why it costs so much money to repair the same hole month after month after month.

Is it good practice for roadside cutters to be working in pouring rain at weekends nagging verges instead of cutting them? Would a councillor cut his wet lawn in pouring rain?

Yes I have heard the words administration costs from the authority, but do the job properly once and it will not need more than one administration charge.

Robert Congreve

Gedney Hill