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I was astonished to read your article regarding an unprofessional pest control company that not only set fire to a house but ran away from the scene.

I think it is vital for your readers to be aware that just because a company is in the phone book doesn’t necessarily mean they are trained and qualified for the job.

The body that governs professional pest controllers is he British Pest Control Association (BPCA), which ensures its members are fully qualified, audited, insured, and adhere to their professional code of conduct as well as statutory regulations. The majority of pest control companies found in the phone book are not members of the BPCA and are unregulated. It is far more likely then that they may be untrained, unqualified, and uninsured.

I would strongly encourage your readers to search for a reputable pest control company through the BPCA by calling 01332 294288 or simply search for your nearest company through their web site www.bpca.org.uk.

Essentially, leave it to the experts, but also make sure they are experts in the first place.

Mike Flynn

PPM Services Pest Control, Swan Street, Spalding