ENERGY: Unemployed people want this generator

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I refer to Tom Rowe’s letter published in November 16’s Spalding Guardian (about plans for a bio-mass power generator in Sutton Bridge).

It is bizarre for him to claim that I am misinformed, when he did not even attend that public meeting.

He must be basing his comments on yet another “anonymous” leaflet, distributed prior to Sutton Bridge Parish Council’s extraordinary meeting.

The representatives at the public meeting told us that there are six “stacks”, one of which is a “dummy”.

They would not burn ‘sewage sludge,etc, as claimed in his letter. To do so would invalidate their licence, and they are sufficiently business-like not to try it.

There would be 44 vehicle movements delivering bio-mass, and leaving. Not the 74 claimed by Mr Rowe. An impact of less than one per cent of the current traffic, not the gridlock claimed in the latest anonymous leaflet.

If 64 one-acre businesses set up on Wingland, there will be none of the safeguards as applied to the bio-mass power station by the Environment Agency and the planning authorities; and there would not be the sort of control of vehicles, ashas been stated.

I have more faith in the Environment Agency’s power, to ensure that the bio-mass power station will not pollute, by ensuring compliance with the licence, and by measuring emmissions.

Why are Mr and Mrs Rowe so against a bio-mass power generator? The unemployed people in Sutton Bridge would give a very different answer.

There are many people, who are not interested in Mrs Rowe’s grandstanding on this issue, trying to raise her failing political influence, by whipping up unnecessary fears.

Chris Brandon-King

Nightingale Way

Sutton Bridge