ENERGY PLAN: Companies there to make money

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The on going cheap energy plan that has been going on for months seems to have ground to yet another halt with the latest news it’s now postponed until the end of January.

With thousands seemingly signed up initially as a show of interest in this project, and the constant delays, but it’s quoted as being hundreds now, one has to ask in real terms would it not have been better to have just had an ‘across the board tariff’ in common sense?

Bearing in mind we are led to believe that competition is a healthy way of doing business it would seem an idea that if company A is offering units at a certain rate, then AN Other company would come forward and beat that.

One person I know suggested that if they offered some incentive to join, it might help but I question that idea.

It was admitted recently that South Holland District Council would get a commission from the deal like those clip board waving folk who stop you in the street as they are not doing it for fun after all.

Another soul suggested that with the council’s reputation in financial matters that have made the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent times, would you want to give them more ammunition to play with?

The thing I can never understand is that energy in whatever form comes out the same plug socket/tap but different companies charge different prices.

Oddly our Little and Large style operating Government came out with a bit of PR not so long ago that everybody should be put on the lowest tariff in the energy stakes but would/will that happen remains to be seen but the bottom line is, like it or not, energy companies are there to make money, not friends.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End