ENERGY: Not so close to our homes please

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In reply to your article on the Sutton St James solar farm proposal in the Lincolnshire Free Press (July 24), I write with the backing of residents who are affected by this scheme.

We agree solar farms are a source of good, clean energy; however they need to be sited in appropriate locations as stated by government guidelines and not just 25 metres from residents’ houses. Taking 81 acres of prime agricultural land out of high quality food production in the current climate is surely unacceptable; this amounts to the size of 50-plus football pitches.

There is already the Grange Farm Solar Park of 50 acres approved for Sutton St James village which will provide a community benefit fund – is that not enough for one village?

The benefit of a community fund of £18,000 is a huge amount of money for our village but should this monetary fund benefit our village whilst causing other nearby parish residents, who reside next to this site, much distress?

The developer promises newly planted screening but this will take up to 10-15 years to grow and mature, so the visual impact for local homes will be immense. The ideal place for these schemes are brownfield sites, poor quality land and factory/warehouse roofs.

C Faulkner

Sutton St James