ENERGY: Hands up if you have a pool

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I’ve just been reading The South Holland Council Leader Gary Porter’s comments on his plans regarding savings on gas and electric.

There was a £600 savings for heating a swimming pool and £100 for the house. Swimming pool!! Stand up how many in the district has a swimming pool?

This idea has been ongoing for as long as a bit of string. Sign up, then sign up again. Will it ever happen?

On the positive side,we now have John Hayes, our local MP, The Government Minister for Energy.

Petrol prices to rise three pence a litre in January, which results in everything going up.

Question: Which way did you vote on this, John. Your constituents need you to stop this rise .

In other words: “Which side is your bread buttered.” Safe job, vote or support your local voters.

John, would it be better in your position, if you tried to get your Government to put a windfall tax on all the energy and fuel companies – just look at their profits.

Then have it passed on to the people at the bottom of the ladder – pensioners, low wage earners.

There’s enough of those in your area.

I would think those who can afford swimming pools would not need it when Mr Porter gets his scheme up and running.

DJ Barfoot

Shepeau Stow