ENERGY BILLS: Why are they allowed to hike prices?

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People now facing higher energy bills should be wary of energy minister Ed Davey’s new proposal to enable switching suppliers in 24 hours.

It all sounds very good, but is it? I have a letter from Npower informing me of new prices effective from December 1.

The annual bill change (12 months) will be; electricty up by 27.4 per cent and gas up by 12.10 per cent.

I will be changing supplier because I have informed Npower that these increases are unacceptable and unaffordable.

I now intend to change supplier before December 1 (the later the better) – it will then take five to eight weeks for the change to be completed (based on my previous changing experiences).

During this period the Npower price increase cannot be implemented. As things stand (ahead of Ed Daveys’ idiototic new proposal) for December and a bit of January, Npower are obliged to supply energy at the old rate (unless they wish to challenge this in the courts) until a changeover is complete.

So, Ed Davey, a 24-hour change over period may work for the “big six” but it does not work in my favour and therefore his comments, as I understand them, like most, from this woeful generation of politicians (local and national) cannot withstand any sensible scrutiny.

This year, figures suggest, that upwards of 20,000 people will die of cold-related illness and this a national disgrace.

Why does government allow Npower and others to make such huge increases timed to meet a winter period of high energy demand and why do they all raise prices at, near enough the same rate, when they must know this will add to the appalling winter death rate?

Isn’t it time this Tory-led coalition showed some backbone on our behalf in the interests of justice and fair play on this issue?

David Turp