ENERGY: At least it made us laugh

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Last Tuesday morning I passed two ladies of a certain age laughing outside a corner shop while reading aloud an item in the Free Press and intrigued and on getting home, had a quick shufty in our copy at what they had picked upon.

On page 16 there is a bit of spin again on signing up for cheaper energy and the quote they were laughing about states : “Over £700 was the biggest annual saving and that was £600 for heating the swimming pool and £100 for the house.”

Nice to know it’s the essentials in life that count.

While I don’t begrudge anybody their swimming pool or similar, the report does not specify how the saving was made as in was this for the shallow or the deep end.

It tells us not but it certainly gives a whole new insight in that we are “all in this together”.

But for most of us, it seems to be the deep end.

On the other hand there are no quotes for possible energy savings on the polo ponies’ stables heating bills.

I seem to think we live in a parallel universe at times but at least it caused a bit of merriment among the locals plus as I write it’s Wednesday and already one area radio station has picked up on it and has given one presenter a laugh out loud topic, so once again Spalding leads the way.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End