ELECTORAL REGISTER: He could be missing out on a free pen

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Reading the recent letter from reader Mark Street regarding his correspondence from South Holland District Council regarding the electrical (sic) register but addressed to The Occupier.

His off-put reaction makes me wonder if he’s not missing out on some wonderful deals to be had as being regarded as just The Occupier.

Recently I had a letter from a Knight of the realm called Sir Michael Parkinson and this letter was also addressed to The Occupier.

Regardless, I opened it and he also wants details about my age, height and width and how long basically I have left before I pop me clogs (estimated of course).

There was an incentive to write my details down and return them as I would be rewarded with a ‘free’ pen made by the chap who no longer drives the pink Rolls Royce for Lady Penelope in the Thunderbird’s television programme apparently as he must be making pens now and his name is Parker.

From the offset it explains Sir Michael is flogging funeral insurance for some firm.

So rather than spending time writing a long drawn out letter about why he won’t or wouldn’t be replying to the council’s request, he could be missing out on a ‘free’ pen from Sir Michael as he does not know our names either – hence him sending letters marked to The Occupier.

Hope this might in some way help towards clarifying the matter.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End