ELECTIONS: It is time for a significant change

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I read with interest Andrew Macdonald’s most recent letter and I fully understand his frustration and cynicism with local politics.

The real issue is about trust and if we closely examine the record of control in Lincolnshire during the last decade one can only conclude it is appalling.

In 2002 whistle blower David Bowles called in the auditors to investigate a culture of illegal payments and bullying at county hall.

When the findings confirmed Mr Bowles’ suspicions, the incumbent politicians then used their judgement to re-elect a leader who was facing criminal charges and who eventually went to jail.

In 2005, the then leader of LCC, and his cabinet were forced to resign after the threat of central government control from Whitehall if they didn’t. During the same era millions of pounds of public money was wasted on illegal pay-offs, auditor bills, compensation payments, “non-job” creation and our council tax bills doubled.

No doubt people may say: “It’s time to move on,” but no apology was given at the time to the people of Lincolnshire. Today, even though the current regime at LCC appears to be acting in a trustworthy way, one has to ask, when told by local politicians that they are now putting in place cost saving measures and delivering value for money and acting honestly, why on earth did they not do this duty at all times?

That is what we trusted them to do and they betrayed us. It all comes down to trust and confidence and if you now believe that parish councils in our area currently operate democratically without a trace of the culture of co-opted cronyism and bullying that eventually found its way into LCC, then I would offer the evidence of letters that appear each week in this paper that indicate otherwise.

I believe it’s time for a change, a significant change, and Lincolnshire politicians will ignore the current mood at their peril.

Margaret Thatcher once remarked: “There is no such thing as public money, there is only tax-payers’ hard earned money.” Please remember that all candidates.

David Turp