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Following the local elections there are a few matters that need addressing.

Congratulations to the Conservatives who managed to hang on, often by the skin of their teeth, as well as to our victorious UKIP councillors. Perhaps next time our local press will avoid publishing large articles about how wonderful our Conservative district council leader is, with his direct line to Westminster, in the same edition as candidate details. If you support the Tories, just come out and say it, we will still buy the paper.

I do not believe in mudslinging or personal attacks and the campaign was thankfully quite clean but both Coun Webb and Coun Worth made a big play on their overriding local commitments.

Whilst they do some good work, for which they are quite well paid, there are too many long term plans and not much quick reaction. I suspect that many of the things they claim credit for would have happened with or without them. They say they are against wind farms, yet I see no drop in the numbers being built.

There was no reference in their literature to immigration. Our local Conservatives avoid the subject like the plague. No doubt central office does not want them to talk about it.

UKIP found it to be perhaps the largest issue on the doorsteps. In terms of direct effect on our lives it’s huge and it pushes the Olympic Torch and so on into insignificance.

The people I met understand that most (but not all) individual migrants are just doing the best for themselves and their families and also realise that they are sometimes exploited. There is little xenophobia. The fall in the BNP vote should help demonstrate this.

They do however, deeply resent that governments have forced this big problem upon us, now want to pretend it does not exist and continue to smear as racist anyone who wishes to debate the subject.

Our elected representatives should understand that May 2 marked a change in the political landscape. They no longer have the huge mandates of past years. Business as usual is not an option. They can advise Central Office that it was not a flash in the pan. We will not be going away and as unpaid amateurs, will be watching, listening and learning. No doubt we will also be sometimes commenting.

Paul Foyster

Holbeach UKIP agent