ELECTION VIEWS: Faith in their ability to deliver the right deal

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Reader's letter
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There have been a number of letters from members of the local Labour Party concerning Brexit, national security and terrorism, which as the Vote Leave Constituency Coordinator, and a former member of the armed forces, I feel must be challenged.

First, Brexit. It would seem that the local Labour Party suddenly believes that Comrade Corbyn is better placed to lead our Brexit negotiations than an experienced politician of the calibre of Theresa May, whose team of well known Leave campaigners include Dr Liam Fox, David Davis, Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom and will likely include Iain Duncan-Smith once again. Theresa May is surrounded by a team of experienced negotiators who fully supported the Vote Leave campaign, and I have absolute faith in their ability and determination to deliver the right deal for Britain when we enter those negotiations to leave the EU.

Theresa May is absolutely right – no deal is better than a bad deal – a bad deal which Corbyn is willing to sign up to no matter how high the cost may be. Conversely, Comrade Corbyn, who was supposed to have being leading the remain campaign, is surrounded by remainers who want to thwart the democratic will of the people, and stop us leaving the European Union.

Since he became Leader of the Labour Party, Corbyn has managed to work his way through two Shadow Cabinets, most of his talented colleagues resigned and have refused to work with him, leaving him with the Labour dregs at the bottom of the barrel . The extent of his unpopularity in his own Party culminated in him losing a vote of no-confidence by his own MPs. Likwise, he has never had a leading role in any negotiations as a member of any Government. It would be like throwing a bunch of first day starters into the workshop at British Aerospace and asking them to build a plane from scratch – that is how ill equipped and inexperienced they are to be trusted to handle negotiations of this magnitude.

Equally, if his own MPs cannot trust him to negotiate his way out of a paper bag, and have no faith in him to lead the country, why on earth would the British people trust this man with the most important negotiations to face this country since 1945? Getting the Brexit deal right will determine the direction of this country for decades and centuries to come.

It is clear that Corbyn will sign up to any deal, no matter what the cost, and will most likely retain all the worst features of EU membership, including no control over immigration – he has already said he will give way on the freedom of movement of people and sees no limit to the levels of immigration Britain can absorb.

Corbyn brings no obvious skills to the position of lead negotiator, zero charisma, no negotiating experience, no presence and certainly no gravitas. That is why the EU has already tried to sabotage our elections, because the man they want in front of them in 19 days after the election is Mr Corbyn – he is considered a joke by the EU, and they know he will be like putty in their hands if this country is mad enough to allow him to become the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

On the issue of national security and terrorism there are a number of serious concerns which also have to be raised concerning Comrade Corbyn. The three terrorist attacks we have suffered in the last three months are horrendous, heinous crimes carried out by cowardly, murdering scumbags.

Corbyn does not believe in a shoot-to-kill policy - which was exercised by the police during the savage London Bridge attacks – against marauding terrorists when in the process of killing innocents.

Corbyn is also on the record calling for NATO to be disbanded, as well as, for deeper cuts in our armed forces. Only last year he suggested that the new Trident submarines now being built should be sent to sea without their nuclear missiles. And this week he confirmed that he would never under any circumstances – not even whilst under nuclear attack – authorise the use of our nuclear deterrent.

In a stroke the man from CND has rendered our independent nuclear deterrent impotent, because our enemies, including rogue states like North Korea and Iran know he will never press the button, or write the letters of last resort authorising their use when under attack. The navy may as well be floating around in a dingy.

So the choice to be made today could not be clearer – a Conservative Government that will fight tooth and nail for the right deal with the EU – not a deal at any price – for Britain. Men of honour, like John Hayes who actively campaigned for Brexit, and will always put our national security and the fight against terrorism first, each and every time. Or a man like Comrade Corbyn who will sell our country and our armed forces down the river because he lacks the stomach for the fight that lies ahead.