Either readers are apathetic or you do not represent the views of the majority

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I have never written to any paper before. However, I feel compelled to do so in support of Trudy Sheard (Letters, September 13).

A story published on September 14 is a case in point: “Drain anglers blocked off”. “Drastic action to stop foreign anglers” are the first lines of the story. Does this then mean that English people can still fish legally or otherwise?

We have over numerous weeks seen you beat the drum with your “We’ve had enough” campaign, which you perhaps coincidentally place directly below the story about fishing.

I think at the last count you had 1,200 who had sent back the form.

When you consider your paper has a circulation of about 12,000 or so plus the free to view online edition this reflects in my view that either people are apathetic to the problems you are regularly keen to highlight or you do not, despite your comments in your editorial a few weeks ago, represent the views of the majority of your readers.

I feel that your publication in its desire to pacify some of your online commentators has made a shift to the right, which is unfortunate.

I thought journalists were supposed to give a balanced view? I am not going to say for one minute that I haven’t seen migrants drinking in public but I have also seen many a drunk Brit.

How would the farming and food processing industry manage without migrants?

In this world everything is an issue of supply and demand. I doubt the migrants would have come in the numbers they have if it was not for the fact they do jobs some of us are unwilling or unable to do and the availability of these jobs. Perhaps there is a story there?

You may think that in your “campaign” you are being carried along with the support of your readers.

I would urge you to consider is it the silent majority or vocal minority you are for?

As a proud Englishman, Spaldonian and former soldier I can tell you that you are not for me.

John Smeeton

via email

EDITOR: Everyone is entitled to their views, and rarely would I challenge those views. However, I must point out to Mr Smeeton and all other readers that our campaign is against anti-social behaviour, some of which is perpetrated by Eastern Europeans, and not Eastern Europeans as a group.