EDUCATION: School’s past has had a great effect

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I am writing as a former pupil of the Gleed Girls School; leaving in the summer of 2007. I would like to update you, informing you that since leaving the school, I have gone on to, and finished my studies at university. Today I found out my degree classification and have been awarded a First class degree with Honours in Bed Primary Education.

On top of this, I was awarded an outstanding for my teaching within my final placement. I have now gained a full time job, working before even finishing my degree, in a local primary school.

I believe my time at the Gleed put me in good stead for my career and has been the foundations to what I have gone onto achieve.

I thought the school should know that although the present seems grim its past has had a great effect on the future.

I know many other students who have gone on to be extremely successful and such success should be noted.

Rachel Vidler

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