Editor’s Comment by Jeremy Ransome

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THE Collins online dictionary did its annual thing this week and added 80 new words. So I thought I’d have a bit of fun trying to introduce some of them to you while summing up some of the major news stories of recent months.

One of the biggest talking points in the area at the moment is obviously anti-social behaviour and the amount of blootered people on our streets. We’ve started a“We’ve Had Enough” campaign. To laymanize, we’re supporting MP John Hayes’ efforts to rid our streets of anti-social behaviour...I’m made up with the support we’ve had – it’s been amazeballs.

We must make sure your concerns are totes presented to the right people and that all our efforts don’t come to squadoosh.

Another talking point is Corbo’s plans for Holland Market in Spalding in order to exoticize the area. The developers want to join the market area to the town centre and demolish the town’s football stadium.

But the football club think the plan is sick. They get a brand-new stadium, so I doubt they will gazang on the deal and they will continue on the same page. The plans have divided opinion locally, although both sides have accused Corbo of too much faffing in delivering its plans.

Spalding have made a fandabidozi start to the United Counties League. All Tulips players have been impactful so far, but their chef de mission Pat Rayment has said anyone who doesn’t perform can jog on.

As I mentioned in last week’s column, local students are taking their 11-plus oojamaflips this week. In a few years’ time it will seem archaic for these members of Generation Z to still be doing exams on paper. Let’s just hope their folks are understanding and not tiger mothers who force their children down academic roads they are not suited for in the pursuit of bang tidy results.

Anyway, must be off now. I’ve a bing of work to do.

Definitions: amazeballs – an expression of enthusiastic approval; bing – a heap; blootered – intoxicated, drunk; chef de mission – the person in charge of a sporting team; exoticize – to present as exotic; faff – to dither or fuss; fandabidozi – an expression of admiration or enthusiasm; gazang – the seller of property to inconvenience the buyer by withdrawing from an agreement; Generation Z – those born since 1990 who are seen as confident users of technology; tiger mothers – those who demand their children reach a high level of achievement; impactful – making a strong impression; jog on – go away; laymanize – to simplify; made up – pleased; oojamaflips – a thing whose name is temporarily forgotten; on the same page – working in harmony; sick – excellent; squadoosh – nothing; totes – completely; bang tidy – exceptional quality.