ECCENTRIC: Entertainment provided by John is better than TV offers

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We were quite touched by the John Ward item about his calls from Robin Williams in the Lincolnshire Free Press.

We came across John and his ‘fire engine’ a few weeks ago when he came into The Swan in Moulton for lunch with an American TV team, who it seems were filming for a programme about him, and with us trying to eat lunch on another table with his ad libs was nothing short of being better entertainment than the television has to offer of late.

On going outside afterwards he was kind enough to autograph our assorted oddments together with a cartoon of himself but what caught our eye was the Reliant fire engine outside Moulton Mill with its collecting bucket for Macmillan Cancer Support.

On enquiring he explained he enjoyed taking the fire engine to events plus Macmillan gained as well, but on asking would he consider retiring he replied that it would make his critics redundant so out of the question!

On getting home our daughter looked online for him and his background suggests he is far from a one-hit wonder and a true British eccentric.

Mrs J Rodgers