DVLA: Still waiting for answer after months

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I am often fascinated at the wonderful system that is the DVLA.

The central control for all things motoring related, be it for road fund license or as it used to be called ‘road tax’ in pre-metric times or to being able to inform the Police on patrol if a vehicle is properly taxed, insured and the ashtray in the rear wanting emptying. So far, so good.

However, while all this fast flowing information is wonderful to a degree to the services, it’s a whole new ball game if you as a member of the public enter into communication with this monolith based in Welsh Wales as in the Swansea neck of the woods.

So I did rung this most wonderful concern.

On ringing with a query you are guided or you pass the time of day filling in a crossword while listening to the assorted ‘menu options’ and by this I don’t mean Two Meals for a Tenner deals at the local boozer but the joy of finding the right number to punch in order to speak to an human about your problem or concern.

Once connected and eventually speaking to somebody it was apparent after a few minutes that said person had no idea as to offering any real help and basically said my query was unfounded.

As I took this to be his opinion I then wrote to outline my query and the first one took a month to yield a response and it was not that helpful but if any problems, to telephone the writer and discuss the matter further but on doing that, found they were on holiday for a fortnight!.

Spoke with their Left hand person and agreed I should submit further information and details as to my query.

I sent off said info as agreed with Left hand person by recorded delivery and yes, checked on line and it’s been signed for and its now just gorn five of your standard issue weeks with no reply so far but I wait in hope.

So it’s fascinating to see all these wonderful bits in this delightful newspaper where items motoring related as in court cases or incidents seem to be sorted by the Police in mere seconds by a simple call but after now getting on to three months, I am still waiting.

Perhaps I should prepare sandwiches, flask of tea and chain myself to the DVLA front gates in Swansea and crave attention.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End