Drivers have enough to cope with without second guessing cyclists

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In reply to Mrs LJ Thomas, what a contradiction in your letter. You say you want the cycle paths to be kept clear of pedestrians, yet in the next breath you say you are going to continue cycling on the pavements where there are no cycle paths – that’s very one sided, if not ignorant.

The area you cycle along I know very well – in fact I know all of Spalding very well, I was born here.

I’m talking about the whole of town and surrounding areas. Many paths are very narrow and many streets have very little traffic most of the time.

I feel you have not read correctly what I was saying – cyclists are using the paths as an excuse to ignore the Highway Code which was strengthened again last week when I was walking home from town.

A cyclist who almost ran into me about a month ago was again riding along King’s Road approaching the traffic lights. He was cycling on the road at the time but saw the lights change to red, so took to the path to skip the lights, again entering the same blind corner at speed.

One young cyclist has already been killed coming off the pavement into the path of a car on Albion Street.

I’m not against cyclists – I sometimes cycle myself – but to have no rules for cyclists as to whether they ride on the pavement or the road is asking for trouble.

Example, when a cyclist is riding on the path riding towards a pedestrian some come off the path to avoid the pedestrian straight into the path of traffic going in the same direction.

I have also had a very, very close encounter with a cyclist doing this. The Highway Code and its rules need to be adhered to and cyclists need to stay on the roads.

Drivers have enough to cope with without having to second guess what a cyclist is going to do.


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