Don’t dig up our car park

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Spalding is always crying out that there’s not enouh parking in the town; so why does the council leader want to dig up a car park and use the site for a park.

For years the town people and surrounding district have enjoyed the use of Ascoughee Gardens, which has been widely used and I hope will continue to be.

With reference to a letter printed in Spalding Guardiaon on Thursday, the old hospital should not be knocked down to make room for a park, whether it is protected or not, as the hospital was given to the people of Spalding. So the trustees should decide.

What about the old sorting office; can’t that be turned into a multi-storey car park; or is it to be left to fall down.

And as for new shops being invited to the town; don’t you think there is enough here already at Springfields? Shoppers still go to the big towns and cities.

S. Meader