DOGS: Rottweilers like mine are not dangerous

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My heckles rose on behalf of my beautiful black Rottweiler when I read Guardian Angel’s column on Thursday and she branded these beautiful specimens of canine as dangerous.

No matter she half retreated by saying that it is more tha fault of irresponsible owners than the breed, the damage was done in the first paragraph.

My Rottweiler can often be seen sitting in the front garden (not near Springfields like thedog mentioned in the column) and the only time she gets a little ruffled is when passers-by try to tease and bait her. Indeed when I take her for a walk it is the smaller canine variety that often bark and growl and my Rotti just strolls on by without a backward glance.

Also, a bit of advice to anyone who has come home from lunch and discovered a stranger rifling through their valuables – as happened to me – with the result of them stealing family heirlooms that are irreplaceable – a big dog is an excellent deterrent.

I haven’t had any uninvited guests since owning her and sometimes putting her on view in my front garden!

So my little Angel, I think of some of your wing feathers have fallen from grace.

After all, they are all God’s creatures, great and small.

L Drury