DOG MESS: Thanks for putting me right

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Let me thank the student who ‘put me right’ on the issue of spitting being related to TB.

I was concerned because of the ‘Do Not Spit’ signs that I have heard were used at the time of the last TB epidemic, and the high rates of TB currently in London, but have been reassured by this bright young man.

If I could refer back to my question in the original email: do any of your readers have any good ideas that could increase the number of dog owners using the doggy bins, and also to quell the disgusting habit of spitting in public?

It would appear that Waltham Forest in London has already made a successful prosecution, for spitting, under anti-litter legislation (The Telegraph, January 3) and Enfield council is looking at a by-law to make spitting in public illegal.

Boston is also going to enter into a public consultation over a plan to make spitting an offence.

R Knight