DOG MESS: Please don’t let your dog mess in the street

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It’s that time of year again when the children have gone back to school after the summer holidays.

And on the very first day back walking down Broad Lane in Moulton towards John Harrox primary school there was a big bit of dog mess.

I am surprised nobody walked in it – a few days later it had been removed.

This is a regular occurrence and during the second week there was some dog mess right outside the school and a little girl who has just started in reception unfortunately walked in it and her mum had the horrible task of scraping it off her daughter’s shoes on the nearest bit of grass before entering the school playground.

I am sure the teachers don’t want it walked into school and germs being spread.

It is so annoying that I and other parents have to constantly look where we are walking and warn our children of any dog mess.

So I am pleading to dog walkers in Moulton PLEASE clean up after your dogs, you wouldn’t want to walk in dog mess so don’t let other people accidently walk in it.

There are dog bins in Moulton so use them or dispose of it when you return home.

If you are that inconsiderate towards other people you should not be having a dog.

Jane Norman

via email