DOG ATTACK: With great power comes responsibility

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I read with horror the terrible ordeal suffered by Teresa Walton after her puppy was savaged to death.

Anybody that owns a dog realises the hole that has been left in her life by this terrible incident.

Mastiffs are hugely powerful animals and should only be owned by people who can demonstrate the ability to control them properly.

Obviously this was not the case, as was demonstrated by the fact that the owner couldn’t stop them even by kicking and hitting them.

I am sure that she is devastated by what happened, but to say that they were “just doing their job” is not sufficient. How would the courts treat a police dog handler whose Alsatian continued to savage a suspect despite repeated orders to stop?

The dogs should be destroyed, but the blame rests with the owners, who should have been properly trained to handle such powerful and potentially dangerous animals.

As they say: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Martin Tyrrell

Lavender Drive