Does the parade have to stick to just flowers?

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REGARDING the possible last Spalding Flower Parade, the headline was to the point: 2013 may well be the last Spalding Flower Parade.

True we are in a very cash-conscious age, but we are not “all in it together” despite the constant spin.

But this must be the biggest annual outdoor event in the town’s calendar and brings in visitors and lots of them – although I have to admit I felt embarrassed this year with so many empty shops in the town to greet many who had travelled miles to be here.

They must have wondered if we have gone from food produce production in the area to the discarded lager can recycling trade judging by the amount left about.

I would venture to say that if the event was managed by those keen and enthusiastic to see its future and sponsors found to support it, there is a future.

After all, and sneer if you must as there are those who wish to “airbrush” the town’s history, Spalding Flower Parade is a brand name along with great other outdoor events in the country and people arrange their holidays to be here for that weekend, as we have found out ourselves.

One criticism I have heard is about the size of the parade being small in recent years but then again I have heard others say they would enter a float, carnival fashion, that was non-flower based to make the parade bigger as they have the resources but not the flowers and would make an even balance – so there is perhaps another avenue to explore.

If as much effort was put into keeping this event going as opposed to all the “pie in the sky” shopping centre/retail park ideas and daydreams for the area (as outlined, we have shops standing empty now that need occupying and don’t forget the Red Lion/White Elephant saga) that so much breath has been wasted upon as this event brings in much needed cash to the area, it puts the town on the map for the right reasons and if it goes, it won’t return.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End